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- Zenality Yoga

Yoga Philosophy

Zenality Yoga is dedicated to discovery. Our workshops are 2 to 21 days in length, and are submersed in daily practices that jump start healthy and spiritual living. We hand picked locations across the US to find deep healing, self realization, and healthy practices within the scope of yoga and nature. Choose from a retreat style immersion or a 200 teacher training where you will be certified to teach a beginning Hatha yoga class. Both include meals, excursions, and lodging in tuition costs.



Zenality Traveling School of Yoga

(n.) Zen a -lity:


Yoga is a lifestyle, which teaches us to make mindful decisions in the practice of our everyday life. ancient principles of self-discovery will unveil the true nature of essential being, and expose the natural tools within, that can help heal oneself and the world around them.


The process of learning yoga is where we begin to truly learn ourselves. We explore an open-minded and evolutionary approach of aging gracefully, playfully experiencing all that the teachings have to offer, and guiding the core foundations of traditional Hatha principles into daily practice.




Erica derives her teaching style in diverse approach to the umbrella of Hatha yoga teachings; fusing vinyasa, meditation, and dance techniques, concentrating on the benefits of stretching, strengthening, and stimulating exercises in which yoga calms the mind and invigorates the body.  She incorporates themes into classes, and provides a backdrop and imagery to the movement, so integration of body, mind, and technique can really come together for her students.

Pamela believes the experience through this training, in nature, develops and aids in the connection to self-realization. Pamela's mission and style is to share and equip those seeking the benefits of yoga into a daily routine of physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, and to teach those seeking to become teachers the necessary tools to bring integration, balance, and peace into their lives, and lives of others.