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Coming Home To Yourself

From the moment when we awake to the moment when we sleep, most of us experience an ongoing chain of events repeating in our minds. Hours, minutes, and moments of each day are filled with agendas and ever-changing thoughts that appear relentlessly, without conscious control, and rob us of the most peaceful parts of our existence. Constant stimuli on our thought patterns leave imprints, especially at the end of the day. Still, when we lay our head down to rest, on this spinning wheel called life, there is still so much more to think about. It becomes important to understand the necessary balance to endure clarity and peace of mind in our very busy days to keep us centered, and to make our experience with everything and everybody a positive one.

Do you recall ever taking time to check in on yourself, your body, and your breath during those busy spells of thoughts and agendas?

Does it seem possible that you can relax your mind at any given moment of the day, without your thoughts getting in the way?


Take quiet time as in meditation and/or relaxation pose (Savasana) or in your own comfortable pose, maybe on your favorite chair, or better yet, try a walking meditation during your lunch break at work and just check out, for 10 minutes a day to start.

You can easily work up to 20 minutes a day, as you will find that this centering and heart warming exercise develops the more you do it.

Search your body and connect with the biorhythms of your heart, your breath and your pulse, and focus your attention to these subtle places. During this process your central nervous system will naturally slow down along with your heartbeat… settle in to yourself and allow everything to be as it is (“Hum Sah”).

Your health and wellness begin on these subtle layers of your existence, and is the most important nourishment that brings you to that peaceful place inside. This amazing connection of centering and balancing an inner awareness is warming and loving, and it brings you back to a place that feels as if you are “Coming Home to yYurself”.

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