• 5 Sheaths 5 Rhythms in 5 Weeks

Exploration of Yoga & Dance

A 5 week series that integrates yoga movement for opening the 5 Sheaths (physical, mental, energetic, wisdom, and bliss) as well as exploring 5 unique rhythms (root, hip centric, chaos, lyrical, and bliss) for a 90 minute session of yoga and dance exploration.

This class will be fun, informative, and energizing! No yoga or dance experience required.

• Week 1: Annamaya: Physical Body and the Root Flow

• Week 2: Pranayama: Energetic Body and the Hip Centric Movement

• Week 3: Manomaya: Mental Body and the Release of Chaos

• Week 4: Vijnamaya: Wisdom Body and the Lyrical Imagination

• Week 5: Anandamaya: Bliss Body and The Conscious Truth

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