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Opening the Heart Chakra Workshop

Saturday, June 18th 3-6pm

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We all want to experience love in our life, in greater quantities, in more purity, and maybe even in new relationships. From the Yogic perspective it is Anahata Chakra - the Heart Chakra - that makes this possible. This workshop will introduce a holistic approach to the activation of the Heart Chakra. It will provide powerful practical tools empowering you to take the practice into your daily life and to live with an ever-opening heart. The teachings, sourced from the powerful esoteric traditions of Tantra Yoga and Sufism will include: - Hatha Yoga - Pranayama - Meditation techniques We will discuss topics such as: - What is the True Nature of Love and how we can love more! - Self-Love & Emotional Healing - Receiving Love, Unconditionally - Giving Love, Unconditionally

Investment: 35$ individual, or 55$ bring a friend/couples discount.We want this series to be available to those of all financial situations, if this is beyond your means please contact your hosts to discuss options. Facilitated by Amitayus, who has been teaching this Tantric style of Yoga internationally for 5 years, in Thailand, the USA, Canada and India. He is dedicated to the spiral path of evolution: his and the world's, and knows that the next step on this path is to fully open the heart. He is currently offering many Yoga and Tantra workshops in Portland and Seattle.

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