• Monday, June 6th 7-9:30pm

Advanced Asana Workshop

Monday, June 6th 7-9:30pm $25

Seasoned practitioners, yoga teachers, physical human beings, adventurous learners, dancers and athletes, this class is for you! Announcing Advanced Asana Workshop: "Yoga as Expression, Breath as Your Teacher" Monday, June 6th, 7-9:30pm $25

Click to enroll. *This class will be VERY physical. Be ready to twist, breathe, and sweat. *Recommended for those who want to take their asana practice to the next level. *Previous yoga experience required. For the 2 hour workshop, Erica will lead you through 3 Advanced Asana sequences inspired by the Ashtanga and Viniyoga lineages. Each sequence will incorporate standing balancing, arm balances, and inversions within the flow. This class is driven by music and breath. Verbal instruction will be limited. The class intends to reveal the Art of Sequencing of challenging asanas, to find proper alignment with the breath as you flow, and to gain the confidence to approach arm balances, strengthening, and inverted postures with grace. Results from the class may include: 1) Better understanding of how to incorporate challenging postures into your flow 2) How to sync breath with inverted movements 3) How to incorporate strengthening postures into your yoga practice 4) Mechanics of arm balances and how to flow into them 5) Safety when transitioning in and out of intense movement 6) Pose/Counter Pose About Erica: Erica is an 500 Registered Yoga Teacher having acquired her education at the Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado, and continued education at The Lotus Seed here in Portland. She currently owns and operates Zenality Yoga studio in NW Portland, offering local Yoga Teacher Training programs, as well as 21 Day Immersion programs abroad. Her journey in yoga started in 2003, with six years of in-depth personal study and teaching in Hawaii, Thailand, and Hong Kong having learned Vipassana meditation, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha based styles. Erica derives an unique approach to classical Hatha teachings by fusing vinyasa, meditation, and dance techniques, concentrating on the benefits of stretching, strengthening, and stimulating exercises. She incorporate themes into classes, and provides a backdrop and imagery to the movement. It is important for her to connect with her students, and always encourage exploration through the body, and coordinating movement with purity of the breath. "I am very excited to offer this class as I feel that the summer upon us presents a proposition for us to get stronger, to feel stronger, to breathe into the shifts of the year, and to take on challenges with the support of our yoga community. I invite you all to come practice during this class, explore your edge, and let the breath and the practice take you beyond your comfort zone." -Erica

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