• Tuesdays, noon-1:30pm

Sacred Geometry of Being: 6 Week Series Essence & Form

Tuesdays, 12-1:30pm

June 21st through July 26th, 2016

5 Week Series of Yoga & Energetic Philosophy

Taught by Dr. Lal Kerr

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The Sacred Geometry of Being: Essence and Form

Join us for this 6 week series with a kick-off on the summer solstice!

Engage your breath, being and mindfulness (as a body-feel thing!) in an interplay of yogic philosophy and yoga asana. We emanate from the Bliss of Source into Physical Form, from the causal through the subtle to the material. Explore the continuum of Essence and Form. From asana to pranayam, mental focus to meditation, enhance your expression of wisdom and connection to joy! Enliven the shapes of your asana with breath and awareness. Embody your uniqueness through the Sacred Geometry of your body's tensegrity structure. We'll use the Vedic Kosha as our conceptual guide, sprinkle liberally with hypotheses of modern science, and weave threads of awareness from the Yoga Sutras into play.

Come resonate and celebrate Summer, the season of the Sun - Bring your Souls_t'us!

Dr. Lal Kerr began practicing yoga almost 30 years ago. Yoga informed her journey into the healthcare field of chiropractic, where she was privileged to study fractal biology with Dr. Bruce Lipton. She appreciates how the concepts of the vedic kosha provide an ancient resource for explaining the types of "spontaneous" and natural healing that reductionist medical science attributes to random good luck.

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