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Mama & Baby Yoga

Thursdays 1-2pm

Taught by Tori G

Drop ins welcome. No preenrollment required, unless to save your spot.

See our Prenatal page for more classes, schedule, & pricing.

Babywearing Yoga bonds, strengthens, relaxes, and is fun for everyone - it truly is a practice for the whole family! During this 60 minute yoga class, you will wear your baby - in a baby wrap or front carrier, or holding if your prefer- for 30 minutes and move through familiar postures.

There will be modifications, but for the most part, this will be like any other yoga practice. The second part of class is time to let the little one roll around and interact with you on the mat, end with tummy time and 'relaxation'.The best part of this practice is that your mini yogi gets to come to the studio. You will both breath, move your body, and leave feeling grounded and connected!Each practice will start with some fundamental "how tos" that will keep both mini yogi and you safe during the class. We will then move into a nice fluid flow yoga practice and end with relaxation & breath work.

There will be time before, during and after class for questions, meet and greet with the community, clean up of any messes, diaper changes, and necessary feedings!

Come enjoy your practice with your mini yogi!

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