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Weekend Retreat: "Detox in Nature" in New York

September 23rd through 26th, 2016

Upstate New York

Full Weekend Getaway. All inclusive. Yoga. Meditation. Nature. Detox. Pumpkin Hollow is 'organic in nature,' a richly physical, social and spiritual environment cultivated for over 70 years. It's lush landscapes nurture each individual's desire to discover quiet spaces, sunny decks, waterfall, trails, labyrinth and other sacred spaces allow you to commune intimately with Nature and your Inner Self. Over the weekend, Zenality Traveling School of Yoga will host this personalized group in 2 yoga classes a day, daily complimentary massages, evening guided meditations, and nature hikes along with your own personal time to R&R and enjoy the waterfalls, structures, and sun in peacefulness. Intentions for this getaway weekend are to share the tools of yoga & healing for those that feel often overwhelmed or overstimulated. The vigorous yoga classes will detox your body. The mindful meditations will detox your mind. The beautiful landscape will allow you to digitally detox, so when you return home, you will feel rejuvenated and revived! Join Erica Belfiore & Miguel Mendez as they faciliate a journey of union through nature, yoga, detox healing, and relaxation on the incredible beautiful lands of Upstate NY. Tuition: $575 All inclusive: lodging, accommodations, yoga, classes, massage, 3 meals per day, excursions! Carpooling from NYC is reccommended. Click for more Info, details, and booking here.

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